Artist's Statement

GrazingPaintings filled with light are the focus of my work- the kind of light that rivets attention, commands memory, and touches deeply.  The layers of color create a sense of being and place by referring to elements of earth, air, fire, and water, the primary medium of my work. 

I am interested in water as a pathway and agent in the process of creating new life on the canvas.  My dialog is with the liquid colors as they meet each other under a variety of circumstances.  This process allows me to follow each wash in a responsive state as the paint opens up unforeseen realms of possibility.

Working on the floor with acrylic paint, I invite the liquid nature of the paint to create a life of its own.  I am always seeking to surprise myself, to be intrigued and moved beyond the limitations of realism and experience. 

My work draws attention to the force of spirit that inhabits the natural environment, and is inherent in the act of creation.   I am using my own creative process to invite the viewer into active collaboration.